Spencer Says... What to do with us pets during house showings




It’s really stressful for us pets when you decide to move. We have to be on our best behaviour so we don’t get left behind but sometimes when you are stressed – we get stressed too! So the first thing to remember is not to yell at us because we don’t like that and disappointing you is the last thing on our minds. But we might just get in the way, be curious about what all the boxes are for? Or maybe seem a little sad? It’s just that you know what’s going on and we don’t really understand it. In particular, when strangers keep coming to our house. We’d rather go out with you and even drive around in the car than be left at home during the time the realtor brings people to see our house. It’s a natural instinct for us to want to protect our home you know! So we bark and growl a lot when strangers come into our house – even if you put us in our dens (aka crates) in the garage where it’s really dark and scary! Specially if we aren’t use to being in there! And nobody wants to have to listen to a dog barking or even worse growling! So do us both a favour and if you can, take us out for a walk or a drive when strangers come to see our house.



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